Good news! Finding a reliable plumber isn’t as stressful as you think

When a plumbing job needs doing at home, it doesn’t matter if the work is planned or due to an unexpected problem, we have a tendency to assume that finding the best person for the job will be a long and harrowing task.

But the reality is much, much worse…

Only kidding. Finding the best plumber for the job is really very easy – especially as there is now so much information online that making a few comparisons and getting a few quotes can be the work for mere minutes.

To make the process as quick and easy as possible, there are a few key pointers to look out for:

  • Accreditation: look for certification through nationally recognised schemes such as Gas Safe and NICEIC. This accreditation is a valuable and reliable indicator of qualification and professional standards.
  • Reviews: this is easier than ever thanks to The Internet.
  • Online presence: if a firm has invested in a good professional website they are likely to be a thriving, established business. But look out for over the top claims and be suspicious of offers that sound too good to be true. Instead look for value for money and a helpful approach that is grounded in reality.
  • Speak to them: a great way to get a feel for their approach to customer satisfaction. A spontaneous phone call to discuss your needs will tell you loads about whereabouts on the pecking order you, as a customer, come.

Hint: it should be number 1!

Or find out how A1 Gas Force can help

At our company we deliver fully accredited services for any kind of plumbing or central heating jobs. We offer quality work at fair prices, and we always put the customer first. So why not find out how we can help – you can browse our website, give us a call, or even visit us at our showroom.

Is it really worth getting a new bathroom?

Your bathroom probably takes a lot of wear and tear – under constant attack day after day from moisture, heat, mildew, corrosion, and muddy handprints, it’s not surprising it can look a bit tired. And if you’ve been getting a plumber out to sort low level problems with the taps and drainage too, you might be thinking it’s time to do something about it.

But getting a new bathroom will be a major project, with enormous inconvenience and expense, won’t it? Not necessarily…

There are many benefits to getting a new bathroom, or even to renewing aspects of your existing one – and on balance they may seem worth the effort:

  • You get to choose. Many of us in the UK are living with older bathrooms that we have inherited from previous owners and kept because they are just about functional. Now it’s time for you to decide!
  • Chances are that bathroom design will have come a long way since yours was first installed, so why not imagine a bathroom with built in TV, a separate shower, or a stunning roll top bath. Choose underfloor heating and an attractive heated towel rail. Enjoy better lighting and waterfall taps.
  • A new bathroom will be a joy to use and will add value to your house.
  • A1 Gas Force can complete the whole job, working with your to minimise inconvenience, and at competitive rates.

Other home improvements…

Making sure your heating and hot water work properly: boiler repair or a boiler service can keep things functioning as they should, and a properly serviced boiler will help keep bills down too.

At A1 Gas Force we are the plumber and central heating experts ideally placed in the Warwick area for all your bathroom and central heating requirements. Call us for: a boiler service, boiler repair, or a whole new bathroom.

How to Optimise Your Central Heating

Central Heating Repair & Boiler Service in Warwick

Do you want to make the most of your heating without replacing the boiler or radiators? The good news is that there are measures you can take to get the most out of the energy you use, and so reduce your energy bills and CO2 output.

We all appreciate a warm, properly heated home when it’s cold outside, but the cost of the energy needed to provide that heat can be a worry – that’s why taking control of how and when you use your heating could make all the difference, and allow you to heat your home without that anxious wait for the bill.

Temperature Controls

Using thermostats effectively can make a significant difference to your heating’s performance and this can be achieved without the need for a plumber.

Radiator valve settings: these limit the water in-flow to the radiator and allow you to control the heat of individual radiators.

Room thermometers: allow you to set the ideal temperature for your home. This is usually between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius. Did you know that you can have room thermometers installed without having to renew your system itself? And if your thermometers are old, it is advisable to have them replaced with modern, more accurate ones.

Boiler thermometer: if you have room temperature controls you can set you boiler thermometer quite high – this allows for fast and more efficient heating, while the room controls limit overall temperature. In this case setting the boiler too low may simply limit its effectiveness and not actually save you any money.

Boiler maintenance

Having a boiler in good working condition will improve its performance and reduce the fuel needed to power it. A1 Gas Force provide excellent boiler repairs and a boiler service in Warwick and locally, that can make a valuable contribution to the energy efficiency of your home.

Boiler Replacement Cost Considerations

Getting an accurate quote for your boiler replacement isn’t going to be a straightforward process because there are many factors that can affect the actual cost. It’s a good idea to find information on the key concerns, as they may bring to light aspects of the process that have been overlooked. For example, the suggestions below:

Boiler siting: Thinking about where the boiler unit should be fitted is vital, and potentially more complex than you’d imagine. You will probably need an exterior wall for the flue, and need to find a spot that is easy to access, yet out of the way. Consider the pipework needed to connect your boiler to radiators, and also whether to have your boiler wall mounted, or standing.

Re-using your existing system: If you get the opinion of a professional fitter, it could be that some, or much of your current pipework and radiators could be fit for re-use in the new system. A quick cleaning procedure and you can save money on costly pipes, and even a water tank.

Volume: If you are running a B&B your boiler will need to have a much greater capacity than if you live in a two bedroom flat. Consider the quantities of hot water and energy for central heating your boiler needs to deliver. And don’t forget to factor in the hidden costs of pipework, if you are refitting a large house.

Do you need a combi boiler? Look carefully at the differences between a combi boiler and a regular boiler using a water tank. There are advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs and priorities – a combi boiler produces unlimited hot water on demand, but there is always a delay when you first turn on the tap.


Make sure you do your research thoroughly, get a few different quotes and with the right boiler system you could be saving money on the cost of your fuel for years to come.