Good news! Finding a reliable plumber isn’t as stressful as you think

When a plumbing job needs doing at home, it doesn’t matter if the work is planned or due to an unexpected problem, we have a tendency to assume that finding the best person for the job will be a long and harrowing task.

But the reality is much, much worse…

Only kidding. Finding the best plumber for the job is really very easy – especially as there is now so much information online that making a few comparisons and getting a few quotes can be the work for mere minutes.

To make the process as quick and easy as possible, there are a few key pointers to look out for:

  • Accreditation: look for certification through nationally recognised schemes such as Gas Safe and NICEIC. This accreditation is a valuable and reliable indicator of qualification and professional standards.
  • Reviews: this is easier than ever thanks to The Internet.
  • Online presence: if a firm has invested in a good professional website they are likely to be a thriving, established business. But look out for over the top claims and be suspicious of offers that sound too good to be true. Instead look for value for money and a helpful approach that is grounded in reality.
  • Speak to them: a great way to get a feel for their approach to customer satisfaction. A spontaneous phone call to discuss your needs will tell you loads about whereabouts on the pecking order you, as a customer, come.

Hint: it should be number 1!

Or find out how A1 Gas Force can help

At our company we deliver fully accredited services for any kind of plumbing or central heating jobs. We offer quality work at fair prices, and we always put the customer first. So why not find out how we can help – you can browse our website, give us a call, or even visit us at our showroom.